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Vertical farming in a nutshell

A beginner's guide to understanding an agritech solution that helps improve food security and ensure supply chains.

In this guide you'll discover
The amount of growing space an IGS vertical farm offers.
How IGS enables Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA).
What industries can benefit from an IGS vertical farm.

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Vertical farming offers a progressive, modern way to complement traditional farming methods, so that the planet can sustain the increased demand for food.

As farmers and other growers put greater emphasis on sustainable food security and surety of supply chain, vertical farming is being recognised as an increasingly valuable way to diversify and drive efficiency.

FREE guide download

Vertical farming backed by the latest data

At IGS, our plant science research is undertaken with the support of the independent experts at the world-renowned James Hutton Institute – Scotland’s largest scientific research centre and one of the biggest in the United Kingdom.
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