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Jan 1, 1970

Moo-ve over for IoT technology: dairy farming fit for the future

Written by

James Means

By James Means, European Channel Manager – Intelligent Grid, IGS

The practice of drinking cows’ milk has been present in Central Europe for more than 7,500 years. Over many generations of farmers, the process has been refined again and again with advances in recent years driving forward efficiencies as never before in order to meet a demand for milk that continues to rise as the global population increases exponentially.

Automation is far from a new entrant to the dairy farming sector: indeed, farmers have been using automated feed systems, yield trackers and robotic parlours, amongst other tech, for many years now. Farmers now have the opportunity, for example , to use trackers or smart collars – essentially bovine Fitbits – to collate data about each member of the herd’s health and habits.

The introduction of innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technology to this sector presents huge opportunities both in terms of efficiency and energy savings and for the health and welfare of the dairy herd.

Smart dairy farming practices are emerging at pace based upon harnessing data insights to deliver higher levels of quality, production, and environmental protection, not to mention higher welfare for each animal.

The prospects for IoT-enabled technology are almost endless in this area. For example, could tracking drones be used to provide real-time footage of herds grazing more remote areas? Could an IoT-enabled milking parlour deliver predictive maintenance to eliminate costly and potentially time-critical failures during milking times? Are there opportunities to implement more widespread use of UV-C light for sterilising more than process equipment through the use of intelligent sensors?

There are already so many serious and highly technological uses of enablement IoT across the agriculture and farming sector and many more that can come about from the collaboration of experienced farmers and technical innovators such as IGS.

Our energy saving power and enablement platform, Intelligent Grid, is designed to begin to provide long-term sustainable solutions that both drive efficiencies and create ideal conditions for life.

Get in touch now to discuss capabilities and to see how we could support your business to take a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future.   

Value Optimisation
Systems Thinking

At IGS, we believe that innovation is essential in agriculture, as in many other areas. A circular model must be one that we adopt more broadly, and our commitment to this is two-fold.

Sign-up below to learn more about how IGS has designed and developed a vertical farming platform to enable sustainable food production with alignment to the circular economy framework in part one. You will also seefor yourself how the engineering, supply chain management, and maintenance of the GTs aligns to circularity in part two.

Part one. How IGS’ Growth Towers enable sustainable farming and alignment to the circular economy

Recent research by the UN Environment Programme found that ‘countries are missing significant opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions’ and that ‘other actions in the food system, such as reducing food loss and waste, or shifting to more sustainable diets, are widely ignored’.

‍While many of us are aware of the impact of food miles and foodsrity, the UN believes policymakers need to address ‘food waste and a shift more plant-rich diets’.

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